Host Your Own Pro Football Tryout

Host your Own Pro Football Tryout!

All too often we hear from football players wanting to turn pro. We tell them it’ a must to hit a few tryouts. However most of them are not at all ready. Why?

  1. Most have been sitting around for way too long not playing, working out, or practicing.
  2. Some are not as good as they think they are. These normally fall into category 1 above making it all that much worse for them if they do attend a tryout.
  3. Then, they have no clue what really goes on at a pro tryout. They are the ones that get cut well before it ends. YIKES. Don’t be that guy, all talk no game.

So, stop sitting around, put the Snickers and Coke down, get off the video games and get outside! Smell the fresh air? When was the last time you actually touched a football.

Here’s an idea, get a few friends together and host your own football pre-tryout, get prepared. So what would you need to do this?

  1. A coach. Someone who knows how to evaluate talent, organize players, and time folks during the various exercises.
  2. A good field. Don’t show up somewhere un-announced. Ask permission and find a good place to show off your talents.
  3. Bring the right gear! Know the shoes you need ahead of time.
  4. If you can get enough local folks to show up, invite a local sports agent, some local college coaches of any level. Calls or emails are easy to do.
  5. Have someone tape it for you, Pitch in, hire a videographer, and video the event. You will want the tapes to show prospective teams your skills. Do not rely on someone to video the event when they have no clue how to. Get a pro! The better the tape of you is, the better you will look.
  6. If you have several players there, medical staff/trainers can be a good bet to keep around. Stay Safe!

Next, what happens at a typical tryout?

  • Broad Jump: This one is huge! It tests lower-body explosion and of course lower body strength. How does it work? Get in a balanced stance, then explode out as far as you can. How you land is just as important as how far so stay steady.
  • Vertical Jump: This is a test of your lower body explosion and power.  First, you will reach up as high as you can from a standing position, then record that mark. Next, jump as high as you can and touch the flag. You will need this equipment, if you don’t improvise against a wall but be careful. Then, it’s the difference between the highest point touched and reach give you the vertical jump.
  • Short Shuttle (5-10-5): A cone drill that tests for lateral quickness and explosion in short areas. You start in the 3-point stance, explode out 5 yards to one side, touch the line, goes back 10 yards the other way, touch the line, turn then sprints 5 more yards back to the starting point.
  • 3-Cone or the L-Drill: This will test your ability to change directions at high speeds. Set up 3 cones in an L-shape. Then go 5 yards to the first cone as fast as you can and then back. Then turn, run around cone 2, then run a weave around the 3rd cone, which is the top point of the L, changes directions again, come back around the 2nd cone, and finish.
  • 40-Yard Dash: The 40-yard dash is all about the speed baby. You need to explode from the start and move! You are normally timed at 10, 20 and 40-yard intervals.

So, get off your phone, stop with the video games, put the junk food aside, you’re young and have 1 shot at this, you should be putting your efforts here! If not fade like the rest of the players tend to. We hear story after story from pro scouts players come to these tryouts completely out of shape. The strong want it and get it.

If you need some help, send us an email!