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As of 2020, Pro Sports Group now offers the Sports Agent Directory to all for FREE!

The Significance of Contacting Sports Agents

The great increase in salaries, sponsorships, and benefits in professional sports have significantly expanded the need for the services that modern athletes require from their agents. Contract negotiations performed by today’s agents are a small part of his job function. Today’s agent works with the pro athletes’ financial advisers, marketing executives, insurance agents, real estate brokers, attorneys, branding companies, and other professionals. The professional and effective way to market your services and work with professional athletes is by contacting the athletes’ agents. Our Sports Agent Directory is a 23-year leader for individuals or firms seeking to contact the sports league’s Certified Sports Agents.

Certified and Non-Certified Agents

Although there are sports directories that include sports agents, they don’t include all certified sports agents from the major professional sports leagues; those directories only include sports agents who voluntarily submit their names, whether they are certified or not. We pride ourselves in doing our best to make keep the lists up to date and accurate in a challenging environment. Other lay claims to have certified agents but if you have a problem there is no one to contact to correct their error. We support our lists and our clients. There are over 25,000 individuals in the United States today who “act” as sports agents. Less than 4,000 of them are certified, and the list can be found here! We have been producing the most comprehensive directory since 1998.  Our staff does custom searches and is constantly updating the lists. If you find incorrect names or contact information call or send us an email and we will do a custom search for you to update the information. If you find that an agent has moved just send us an email and we will immediately work to find his new location for you. We are always available via email for support. Our members can email us for custom help any time they need it.

Why is Pro Sports Group’s Sports Agent Directory unique?

Beyond the basic contact information (name, address, phone number, etc.) our Sports Agent Directory also includes various other data relating to sports agents. Find out who the highest-paid players are along with their agents (some sports only); find out the draft picks’ agents; access salary information for all players in the major sports leagues; and much more! Our lists are organized for ease of use with business-friendly Excel, Document, PDF, and HTML lists. This is not just one list but a collection of lists by individual sports. No one has our ease of use and our accuracy of list information. We are constantly reviewing and editing the lists to maintain the most up to date information available. Many directories no support or help if an agent moves.  Another firm does not allow you to download the lists so usability is poor and time-consuming. We allow members to download the lists for their business use. The restrictions being you do not share the information with non-members or sell the lists to others. Try sorting a list which cannot be download is very difficult or impossible.   Others have received hundreds of complaints but there was no response from the service.

Sports Agent Directory Features Thousands of real certified sports agents 10 major sports leagues ( CFL, FIFA, LPGA, MLB, NBA, FIBA, NFL, NHL, PGA, USATF) Sports agents from the United States, Canada, and  the rest of the world.

Some are Accessible in Microsoft® Excel® format (others in PDF, etc) Sports agent contact information, Agent/agency name, Sports agent phone numbers, Sports agent fax numbersSports agent addressesSports agent web site and email addresses (all of these listed where available).

Draft picks and their agents/agencies.

We do not recommend mass mailing agents, if you want to work with a sports agent – develop a relationship with them and work it from there. Plus, although our lists are updated monthly, agents move often and refuse junk mail at times.

A Resource for Everyone!

Financial Professionals – Contact certified sports agents of high-profile athletes playing in the major professional sports leagues for financial and investment management opportunities.

Sports Agents – If you’re a sports agent seeking to expand your business and represent athletes in other sports, the Sports Agent Directory is a great resource for you to contact sports agents who specialize in other sports for partnerships and other ventures.

Marketing Firms – Marketing your products or services with superstar athletes can result in rewarding benefits. The sports agent directory includes certified sports agents from ten major professional sports leagues. Now you can contact the athletes you are searching for.

Insurance Agents – Contact certified sports agents to offer their clients additional insurance beyond their playing contract.

Real Estate Brokers – Athletes get drafted and traded, and, as a result, need to find homes. Employment/Internship Seekers Contact sports agents  and inquire about employment and internship opportunities. The directory has a listing of thousand of certified sports agents.

Client Experiences:

“PSG is not only a great resource but I have never enjoyed working more with any athletic organization. They are very professional and personal! I feel like I am developing friendships, not just successful working relationships with some of the most connected people in the industry! Thanks, PSG!!!” – Molly Munro – 2009- Astor and Black

“As President of professional management and consulting firm, I fully understand the value of comprehensive and timely information. Over a year ago, I initiated a campaign that involved gathering contact information on a large number of professional athletes and their agent representatives. I spent several frustrating days trying to locate this information until I came across Pro Sports Group.” “Their convenient online database, which has been significantly expanded in terms of scope and content, provided me with all of the information I needed. Not only did the database provide me with contact information, but it also contained useful salary information about the athletes.” “The time savings and convenience benefits I received made the payment of the reasonable one-time fee a real ‘no-brainer.’ What also impressed me was their customer service and product support – they actually listened and responded to my comments and suggestions on improving the database. I highly recommend Pro Sports Group to anyone who similarly values their time and who needs this type of specialized information.” – Myles Mangram Thousand Oaks, CA Tri-M Management, Ltd. Pro Sports Group member since June 14, 2001