“Willis & Woy Sports Group will continue building on the extraordinary success of Kirby Schlegel and Jordan Woy; Jordan’s more than twenty years of experience and achievements, combined with my energy, passion and proven business successes make Willis & Woy Sports Group the most formidable sports agency in the country,” said Chad Willis, entrepreneur and co-owner of Willis & Woy Sports Group. “Kirby has made significant contributions to the growth of this agency and I am certain he will continue to achieve great success as he focuses on the growing demands of his sports ownership company Schlegel Sports.”

“Chad Willis and Jordan Woy are perfect partners to take this sports agency to the next level; Chad’s keen business acumen and his established relationships with many of the agency’s current clients enable him to bring exceptional insight and opportunities to Willis & Woy clients,” said Kirby Schlegel, president and CEO of Schlegel Sports. “I appreciate working with Jordan and the roster of talented athletes; my focus now is on Schlegel Sports and our ownership of sports teams.”

“I’m very pleased to partner with Chad Willis to create the Willis & Woy Sports Group, together we are a powerful team that will continue providing our clients with opportunities and counsel to advance their careers both on and off the field,” said Jordan Woy, co-owner of Willis & Woy Sports Group. “Kirby has been pivotal in building client relationships and growing Schlegel Woy Management and I have enjoyed working with him personally and professionally.”

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