William Malcolm, who is featured in a CNN interview on the Dynasty Sports Management website, believes the goal of this inaugural installation and competition is to highlight, articulate and emphasize the positive contributions of Michigan area men. Unlike what the media conveys, the men in our community are undeniably known throughout this country and the world as trailblazers and pioneers in an astronomical number of areas.

William Malcolm stated that he wants the objective of this competition to be to highlight the areas that showcase individual entrant’s various forms of benevolence and style. McCray advised that he became involved with the competition simply because it stands for community philanthropic, community upward mobility and he wanted to become more involved with presenting a positive message not only to children but young adults who haven’t recognized the vision of upward mobility and community growth. “It’s an honor to be apart of something this special that is dedicated to being involved with the community”, says McCray. “William is definitely a positive and bright individual who wants to change the perception that society has on our city as well as our state and I’m 100% percent behind that as well”, stated McCray.

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