Because of Holder’s attitude and who he knew, he is now the director of a major athletic program.

“None of the success in the athletic program has happened because of me,” Holder said. “It happened because of all the people I know.”

Sports agent Bill Horn reiterated that philosophy.

“Take the opportunity to meet as many people as you can,” he said.

“You never know what doors someone may open up for you,” said Horn.

For Horn those doors have led to representing 26 NFL players, and the possibility of picking up some Oklahoma City Thunder players.

Sports Management Club President Matt Ritchie took the message in stride, adding that “getting involved in Sports Management Club is the best way to meet people in the trade and make those connections.”

Holder said an important part of the job is not asking anything of anyone that you wouldn’t do yourself, including charitable giving.

“Eventually me and my wife will donate everything we have to OSU,” said Holder. “Why? Because everything we own we owe to the university.”

Holder was also asked twice about the Dez Bryant situation and came to coach Mike Gundy’s defense when asked about an incorrect comment made by ESPN’s Pat Forde yesterday. He said OSU lied about why Bryant missed the Grambling State game.

“Criticism is wonderful, sometimes you can take it in stride and learn from it,” said Holder, in regards to Forde’s column as well as criticism he about “Cowboys 4Ever.”

The event collected food for the Salvation Army and also gave away OSU apparel, EA video games and AMP energy drinks.

Ritchie said the club’s next event will be a Nov. 12th seminar highlighted by Ken Blume, director of Logistics for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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