Jones has played WWF consistently for the past six months, appreciating the fact that he is exercising his brain while taking a break from the daily grind of work. His toughest match of the tournament came in the first round, against Krys Boyd, the host of Think on KERA. He was playing from behind the entire match, until the last few plays. He hit a groove in rounds 2-4 of the tournament and says that he was fortunate in that the letters he drew allowed him to score well and play good defense.

While Rhett Miller played the grandmother card in the hopes that your sympathies would support him in the semifinals of the tournament, Jones points to his mother as his inspiration. Grova Jones is a big fan of playing Scrabble and taught her son how to love the game. One of these players is going to severely disappoint his relatives after only one comes out on top in their match on Wednesday.

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