Jackson has represented a number of athletes facing investigations from the NCAA. He says the intense media spotlight on Newton will continue to burn.

“These cases don’t go away,” Jackson said. “Now that you’ve got TMZ and all these other media outlets jumping on it, you’ll have people looking under rocks, looking under trees looking under, digging holes trying to find anything.”

Jackson feels Auburn University is doing the right thing by strongly supporting Newton. He also said Newton’s eligibility likely isn’t in question at this point.

“If they thought they were at risk, he would not be on the field right now,” Jackson said. “And if the NCAA had not given them a pretty good indication that they weren’t at risk, he wouldn’t be on the field right now.”

But unfortunately for Auburn fans, Jackson said even if no wrongdoing is found in this case, this situation could provide another incentive for Newton to declare for the NFL draft after this season.

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