The new accusations also aren’t helping his image.

The quarterback’s off-season troubles often overshadow his on-field performance.

Many argue the latest allegations point to a disturbing pattern.

Pittsburgh sports agent Ralph Cindrich is a former player who has represented hundreds of professional athletes.

“And one of the first things in my mind he should do is go back to the organization, first to the Rooneys and get on his knees and apologize,” he said.

When it comes to allegations of misconduct and morality clauses in contracts, players’ actions are also under the scrutiny of the National Football League.

“It’s your conduct in this thing. And again, it’s one of those circumstances. He’s 28 years old,” Cindrich said. “We’ve heard it all before – it’s a college student, 20-years-old. You’ve got to be smart enough not to do that. Keep yourself out of those circumstances. I mean it’s like Professional Athlete 101.”

Cindrich believes any image-conscious agent would encourage Big Ben to take a hard look at his past choices.

“How did you treat the media? How did you treat the fans? And did you honor your obligations?” he said.

“And you get a little more slack, I believe, if they got to know you on those circumstances, because then they’re saying, ‘I know Ben and we spend time with him and that’s just out of character for him.'”

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