Rosenhaus was just warming up to what he sees as the biggest issue in Buffalo.

“The offensive line, I believe, is potentially the worst in the NFL. Especially at the tackle position, they got rid of almost every starter from last year, banked on revamping it . . . It’s absolutely shocking how that offensive line play has prohibited them from being an effective offense.”

Even Bills fans would find it hard to argue with Rosenhaus’ points, no matter how much self-interest he has in them. (We do wonder how these comments will be received if they make it to the Bills locker room.) Lee Evans is a quality vertical threat in the middle of his prime, and only has 50 receiving yards and two touchdowns more than Owens for many of the same reasons above.

T.O. is clearly not the dominant force he was in the past; he’s not a top-ten wideout and doesn’t separate from defenders like he used to. But it’s hard to tell just how how far Owens has declined because of the situation around him.

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