The main attraction of Dukes’s rant was his unhinged primal screaming, but he isn’t the only one making the basic point of extreme frustration by the direction of the Redskins in the light of Monday night. John Riggins, speaking very calmly and with almost no emotion, made much the same point Wednesday on WTOP. Here’s the crux of his argument:

“The whole concept, I think, is askew. And this is where it goes back to ownership. You can’t continually promise people every year you’re gonna have the potential to win a Super Bowl. But, of course, there’s a cash-flow problem, that you’ve got to keep feeding some beast somewhere. And with the recent failures that ownership has had in some other businesses, you have to wonder if this continual marketing effort to every year sell something is nothing more than hope, really.

“And when it’s all said and done, there is no product, and that’s really derailing the team more than anything. Because clearly, the offensive line is what needed attention. And you didn’t need to trade a second-round draft pick for Donovan McNabb. You needed to get some horses up front. Start there, and get some playmakers, and then find that special guy, that young quarterback and develop him.

“The whole thinking out there is askew, as far as I’m concerned, and it’s not in step with the contemporary successes that you see around the league. Look at Baltimore, look how they’ve built. Look at Atlanta, look at Miami. I mean, these are some teams — Detroit, Cleveland — they’re building with young quarterbacks and young players, and they’re building it through the draft. But that takes time, and that is the one thing that they will not tolerate at Ashburn. You’ve got to fix it right now, but there’s never a fix, it’s just more promises and promises, and then there’s more failures and failures….

“They have one guy, Trent Williams, who they drafted, and that should come as no surprise, that was a good move, clearly a good move. But they need more than just that one move, and next year, you look and they have no draft picks. There’s no potential to develop the young guys that you can put in there, to take another guy with a second-round pick. So this whole thing has been put off to where it’s almost like a pyramid scheme, because each year they’ve got to chase something else, [and] they don’t have time to actually stop and fix and do it the right way.”

I don’t think it’s quite as dire as Dukes and Riggins do, but it’s hard to make a long list of young players the Redskins have discovered this season. Trent Williams, Ryan Torain, Brandon Banks, Keiland Williams. That’s all I’ve got.

If you want even more pessimism, D.C. Landing Strip has what they call “The Thinking Man’s Take on the McNabb Contract.” It isn’t cheery, either.

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