The club offering the third largest amount to agents was Manchester City, which offered approximately £5.9m to their agents.

A grand total of £67.1 million was paid out by the 20 top-flight clubs to their respective agents during the financial year that commenced in October 2009 and finished in September 2010. Surprisingly, this figure represents a £3.5m decrease in agent payment figures from the previous year.

Blackpool paid the least amount of money to their agents, spending only £45,000 for the sports agents.

However, Blackpool, which was recently promoted, had imposed some strict limits on spending when they received a promotion into the top-flight after last season was over.

The amount that Chelsea spent on its agents was slightly lower than last year. However, Liverpool’s spending increased slightly by £2.4m.

Chelsea had bought only two players in the period from October 2009 to September 2010 – Yossi and Ramires Benayoun – but the figure of £9.2m also reflects agent fees that were paid during previous periods due to the fact that payments had been structured to take place throughout two different financial years.

Manchester City reduced their spending by at least 50 percent. Previous figures saw spending at £12.8m, but this year it was only £5.9m.

The Premier League has released these figures for two years now.

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