This was one of the biggest events that no one wanted to talk about since its inception.  Some will say there are a few winners and certainly more that a few will believe they were losers.   The tragedies occurring  as a result of our ignorance of the damage being sustained by the players, and the leaders (coaches, owners, fans. ratings ) pushing men ( and kids) to play when they were injured is gone.  The post WWII ideal of what a man is has changed for the better.   The greatest man on the football field is not the one beating up his fellow man while ignoring his own pain.   There is no more going back into the game if there is mist on the mirror.  The owners, players, attorneys, judges and fans all know this now.  It is over and we thank God for this.

 I now see this as a balanced position for both the players and the NFL.   Not a perfect solution but a man to man or group to group solution befitting of people who live in this great country.   I say balanced vs win/win as there many who will not win by my definition of win.  My heart goes out to them and their families but we as a group need to move on.   I lived during the generation when your breath on the mirror was the criteria for playing or not.  It is over and I now know as all should that it was wrong then and wrong now.  

If the players had not stepped up and held the banner demanding the owners show up there would be no settlement.  If the owners had not listened and seriously considering the changes needed there would be no settlement.  The rules and new guidelines for player safety would not be implemented.   The fans would begin leaving the sport along with their kids and the future of the NFL and the sport of American Football would decline rapidly.   

There are many articles on this.  My initial thoughts are here.