Oh, certainly remember to read my column though.

Keep the date Thursday, September 10, 2009 in mind.

Manny, promoter Bob Arum, trainer Freddy Roach and Miguel Cotto will huddle in front of the world media and a few thousand fans on this date, at the brand new, glistening Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York. Right next door to historic (old) Yankee Stadium where the greats like Joe Louis, “Sugar” Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali fought great battles.

At least Manny can say he at least held a press conference at the billion dollar sports palace.

Trust me, all the big decisions have been made. Nothing has been left to chance. As I say, this is not Bob Arum’s first rodeo. He has done this at the world class level before and he is very much in charge.

These remaining days lead only to the kick off to the final promotional tour for the Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto “Firepower” event November 14 in Las Vegas. We still have over eight weeks until fight night!

The fighters might make final comments at their local airports to assembled media and fans, but it certainly isn’t official and probably gibberish.

Everything from belts to weights has been choreographed over the last couple of months to create a buzz before the fight to help gauge how to properly spend critical advertising dollars to bring in the big PPV bucks of last – minute casual fans caught up in the hype of boxing history.

Where the principals train this week is not important. Arum will probably make the announcement as to where they will train at the press conference.

Everything you hear between now and the press conference is of little news value. Arum knows if he tells you anything, before the press conference, then he’ll have nothing to say at the press conference and you know he won’t let that happen.

Anyone struggling for headlines in the camps and in the media for the next week just likes to see their name in cyberspace except for examiner.com reporters.

Maybe a couple of more “Mega” Manny performances and he’ll be coming back to Yankee Stadium to truly join the legends.

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