Sporting insurance is a vital and sometimes overlooked service, principally because people have a misguided conception of sports people as either too wealthy to need looking after or too amateur to be taken seriously. The reality, of course, is quite different – which is why Lockton Sports’ sports insurance policies have met with such resounding success, and have proven so valuable to such a wide range of players, managers, coaches and sporting institutions. High profile sports people can be severely endangered by sudden career ends: money that was coming in regularly and in large quantities dries up instantly, and can often leave a family in a situation where too much is being spent and no backup is coming in to help. A proper sporting insurance policy can make that story different. Amateur sports people who play regularly for no money are at risk from injury, which can prevent them from attending their day job and putting food on the table at home. Lockton Sports ( has built robust policy frameworks to protect against both scenarios.

Lockton Sport’s club and sporting agent insurance policies run along similar lines. Lockton has created a solid framework within which the particular needs of football clubs, or the agents whose own careers can be seriously affected by a change in circumstances for a player, will all find sports insurance policies to address their individual needs.

About Lockton Sports

Lockton Sport is a UK based specialty sports insurance provider offering insurance benefits to profession as well as amateur sports person, agents, clubs and other individuals related to the sport industry.

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