Sample Letter of Support for the UAAA

13Dear [Senator] or [Representative] [Last Name]:

After three years of work in the fall of 2000, The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) approved the Uniform Athlete Agents Act (UAAA), a model state law governing the relationships between student-athletes, athlete agents and academic institutions. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and its member institutions are seeking its adoption in every state, and I am writing to urge your support and co-sponsorship of [S. ______ or H.R. _______], recently introduced in the [your state’s] legislature.

The problems associated with illegal athlete agent conduct is far greater than the casual observer might believe. Far too often, the actions of athlete agents engaged in unsavory practices result in the loss of student-athlete eligibility, the imposition of financial penalties on the student-athlete’s institution, and the taint of a “scandal” on both the institution and the larger intercollegiate sports community. In an effort to address these problems, at least 28 states enacted statutes regulating athlete agents prior to the creation of the UAAA. However, these laws vary considerably from state to state and many statutes contain provisions that are vague and not enforced by the state. As a result, athlete agents largely ignore existing state registration requirements as well as other provisions contained in current athlete agent laws.

The purpose of the UAAA is to protect the interests of student-athletes and institutions by providing for a uniform regulation of athlete agents. The UAAA provides for the following:

  • Uniformity of state laws. These laws are designed to provide a single set of regulations that will ensure greater compliance among athlete agents.

  • A reciprocal registration provision and a reasonable fee schedule making agents more likely to register due to the efficiency of this process and the cost savings it provides for athlete agents.

  • Consumer information, both professional and criminal in nature, to enable better evaluation of the athlete agents to provide competent representation.

  • Notice to institutions when a student-athlete signs an agency contract.

  • The Secretary of State or other appropriate agency to issue subpoenas enabling the state to obtain relevant material that will assist in the enforcement of the act.

  • Criminal, civil and administrative penalties that will be enforced at the state level.

On behalf of [name of institution], I urge your support of [ S. _____ or H.R. ____] and thank you in advance for your efforts to address this important issue.12

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