Recruiting Prospective Clients

Once you have registered as an athlete agent and have been certified as a player agent with a sport’s players’ association, you are ready to recruit potential clients. Make sure that you read each and every states’ agent rules and regulations so that you do not violate the laws. In addition, you need to be familiar with the NCAA rules and regulations as well as the players’ associations rules and regulations. You do not want to jeopardize a student’s eligibility.

The safest method of recruiting potential clients is to contact a student by sending them literature about your company explaining who you are and what you do. You do this by sending your literature, brochure, etc. to the school’s athletic director as well as to the office of the sport that the student plays. For example, let’s say you want to contact a baseball prospect letting them know that are an agent and can perform a variety of services.

The first thing you would do is send your company information to the student-athlete’s attention in the baseball office. Then, you send the same literature to the school’s athletic director. Make sure that you do not talk to the student-athlete about agreeing to sign an agent agreement with you while he is still eligible to play college baseball. You may talk to the student-athlete explaining what type of services you perform, who your current clients are, etc. BUT DO NOT AGREE TO SIGN A CONTRACT WITH THE STUDENT-ATHLETE.

Some colleges and universities have programs set up for agents that require agents to complete a questionnaire and keep it on file at the college/university. This way, the student-athletes will be able to at least get some background information about you in advance.

You may contact student-athletes by telephone as well. Also, social media can be a good method to contact athletes. But remember that you cannot talk about signing an agent-agreement at any time; not even in the future. Once the player exhausts his eligibility, then you can talk about signing an agreement or even outright signing the agreement without negotiations.

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