Nate Robinson’s agent has requested a trade as his client has not played the last eight games.

The coach has yet to give a solid reason why Nate is languishing on the bench; however he did say that, “Nate’s a good guy. He is a little exasperating sometimes but not in a bad way.”

Indeed the third year guard is well known for his immaturity. In his last game against New Jersey Nets, he took a shot at his own basket after the ball was inbounded to him with 0.5 seconds on the clock. Although the shot did not count as time expired, his coach was visibly upset.

“When you’re 2-9, which we were at the time, I think any distractions are bad,” He said.

One would have thought something like this might have been considered before they signed him to a one year deal.

This has not stop fans from thinking Robinson has a lot more to offer than Chris Duhon the current starter at point guard. For the season Duhon has made only 36% of his field goal attempts while Robinson makes a stellar 44%.

Coach D’Antoni has said that he wishes to make the playoffs this season however on paper one would think he would stand a better chance with Robinson who currently averages 10 points in a reserve role.

Eddy Curry is another player racking up the DNPs (did not play), even though he makes $10 million this season. He is a holdover from the Isaiah Thomas period that the Knicks understandably may want to see the back of.

The traditional Center may not be the best candidate for Coach D’Antoni’s run and gun system and has suffered from injuries, but bringing in a player like Bender would clearly eat into his already limited share of the minutes.

Curry said, “I’ve stopped trying to figure out what they’re thinking. I’ve just got to roll with the punches. You always want to play. I’ll continue to try to be ready if my name is ever called.”

If the Knicks wish to trade Curry they must play him or will be stuck with the center for another two years as his current contract expires 2011.

There is no guess work as to why Bender is back. He was ranked eleventh on Sports Illustrated’s list of top twenty busts in modern NBA draft history after being taken 5th in the 1999 draft by Toronto Raptors.

As D’Antoni already has several forwards that bring the same things to the table as Bender, it is a wonder a traditional power forward like Jordan Hill does not get playing time.

The Arizona Wildcat was a reactionary pick after the Knicks just missed out on Stephen Curry, in the 2009 draft. Management have now com under criticism due to the play of several point guards, drafted later than Hill.

The Knicks’ main need, going in to the last draft, was to obtain a point guard. Yet in a point guard rich draft they came up short.

Brandon Jennings drafted tenth, is currently in consideration for rookie of the year.

Ty Lawson, who led North Carolina to a Championship, was drafted eighteenth. He is a quality backup and being groomed to take over when Chauncey Billups eventually retires.

Darren Collison drafted twenty first averaged 16 points 7 assists as a starter for New Orleans while Chris Paul was injured.

At the moment it is not looking great for Jordan Hill. Many fans are wondering why he is being relegated to the Bench in favour of a player who has not suited up for four years and has a history of knee injuries.

Bender has looked promising so far but are the Knicks sacrificing their future for short term gains?

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