It was the first time an audience outside of Hancock County got a chance to see the quarterback who now is nearly unanimously considered one of the greatest players to ever play the game.

“I told him I thought he could be the next Terry Bradshaw,” Carmody said. “I saw how good an arm he had, and the way he rallied the troops and was respected by his teammates.

“He turned out to be Bradshaw and more.”

Today, Favre will likely lace up his cleats for the last time, as he and the Minnesota Vikings travel to Detroit to take on the Lions in a regular season finale that means little to either team.

Favre is listed as doubtful to play, but as any long-time NFL fan knows, that means little when it comes to the star quarterback who has played at Hancock North Central, Southern Miss, the Atlanta Falcons, the Green Bay Packers, the New York Jets and the Minnesota Vikings.

So today’s game means a lot to the NFL and its fans, or at least it should. After all, today’s game, scheduled to kick off at noon, marks the end of an era.

The Kiln native holds league records for career starts for a quarterback (296), wins (185), pass attempts (10,161), completions (6,295), passing yards (71,775), touchdowns (507) and interceptions thrown (334).

He’s led the league in touchdown passes in four different seasons and passing yardage and completions twice.

The sure-fire Hall of Fame numbers are borderline gaudy, but what Favre became legendary for was wearing his heart on his sleeve and his toughness.

On Dec. 24, 1995, his Green Bay Packers needed a win against the Oakland Raiders to win the old NFC Central and Favre delivered. After coughing up blood on the sideline following a viscious hit, Favre came off the bench to throw a fourth-quarter touchdown pass to Mark Chmura to give the Packers a 24-19 win.

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