Though the NCAA doesn’t comment on ongoing investigations…which is why Jay Jacobs wasn’t able to offer a conclusion regarding the ongoing sCam Newton saga…among Auburn’s many clouds hanging over them is the NCAA’s curiosity with their relationship with “street agents.” Interviews with Greg Robinson and Trovon Reed do more than suggest as much. There have also been links made to Walt Williams’ relationship with Gus Malzahn, and the materializing of talent in Auburn from Williams’ realm of influence in his home state of Arkansas…where he played for Malzahn.

Williams company, Pinacle Preps, LLC, claimed to “represent” high school players for payment during the recruiting process. In fact, from his own website:

We’ve covered Williams in the past, but the only way “representing” a player for pay to potential suitors isn’t your definition of an agent is if you’re a member of the Auburn cult fambly.

In short, the NCAA has sent a message on the agent issue, and Auburn is currently swimming with sharks on the same issue. You don’t want to be Auburn, Tennessee, North Carolina or Ohio State right now.

Auburn wanted their moment in history. Looks like they’re about to get it.

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