says Bell says he was contacted by Rogers, in behalf of Cecil Newton Sr. Rogers said last week he acted in Cecil Newton’s behalf.

None of the principals have said Auburn quarterback Cam Newton was involved.

The ESPN report says Bell said Cecil Newton never asked for the money, but was part of a three-way conversation in which Rogers did.

The story says Bell played related voice mails for the NCAA, but the text messages are on a phone damaged by water.

Neither Cam Newton nor Auburn is mentioned as participating in a similar plan.

Bell said he told the NCAA that Rogers sent him a text message outlining a payment schedule, says Bell said the text included a request for $80,000 the day after Cam Newton signed his letter-of-intent with Mississippi State, $50,000 after 30 days after that and another $50,000 30 days later.

“When he asked for it, it was like, ‘Bam!’ ” Bell told “He told me this kid’s dad is going to want money and the next day he sent me a text message. He didn’t say anything other than, ‘This is what I want and I want it in three installments.’ ”

“[Cecil Newton] didn’t come out and say, ‘I want $180,000,’ ” Bell said. “He inferred it and talked about it, but not directly. Kenny would talk about it in front of him, and [Cecil Newton] never corrected him or said, ‘No, that’s not what we’re doing.’ ”

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