So when those fans see a wide receiver, who has a knack for making big plays and obviously has a bit of an ego, bringing in Drew Rosenhaus as his agent, the flashbacks begin.

Somehow, though, I can’t imagine turning on the television in a few months and seeing DeSean Jackson doing stomach crunches in his front yard. He may think highly of himself and have a bit of a quirky side — does anyone remember the 2008 NFL draft where DeSean was wearing sunglasses…inside his house? — but he is nowhere near the prima donna or attention whore that Terrell Owens is.

Still, with Rosenhaus, the question isn’t whether DeSean will be requesting a new contract, it’s when. Of course, the next question is: how will the Eagles react?

Will it be the typical “you signed a contract and we expect you to honor that contract” or will the Eagles make one of their rare exceptions for DeSean Jackson?

The answer probably depends on when all of this unfolds. If DeSean asks for a new contract this offseason, the Eagles will likely tell him to honor his contract — most NFL teams aren’t too keen on renegotiating a contract only two years into it.

If DeSean waits until the 2011 offseason, he probably stands a much better chance on meeting a responsive Eagles front office.

How the Eagles react will also depend on what DeSean is requesting. If DeSean wants simply a contract extension, the Eagles may have no problem doing that. If DeSean wants to completely renegotiate his contract, the Eagles will likely balk at the idea — particularly if it’s this offseason.

It’s also possible that I’m completely mistaken about DeSean. Sure, he hired Drew Rosenhaus but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to be making any demands on the Eagles front office.

At the same time, with questions of Brian Westbrook’s future out there, DeSean is the only consistent weapon that the Eagles have been able to rely on over the past two years. He returns punts, has hit big on the reverse, and leads the league in receptions of 40-or-more yards this season.

If he does decide to push on the Eagles front office for a new contract, no matter how reluctant they are to do it, they may just have to cave in to his demands.

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