For the sake of the team’s success, management needs to get this guy signed and fast. Everything else looks promising in camp. Bernard Scott may be the surprise player that the Bengals need to compliment Cedrick Benson. The team has avoided the “What would Chris Henry do?” syndrome and have stayed out of trouble with the law. Speaking of Henry, he looks great in camp. Palmer looks physically healthy. Whacko-Cinco is temporarily a team player again. Michael Johnson, looks to be the impact rookie which is a pleasant surprise. The key now is to keep the key players from getting hurt before the season begins. Marvin has a habit of wanting the players to be aggressive and “play fast” in pre-season and in traing camps. I say use the Colts/Steelers model and take it easy at this time. The Bengals have some great talent if they can just be smarter as an organization. Unfortunately, that is probably too much to ask from Mike Brown and company.

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