We receive many calls from individuals who want and need to start the Sports Agent Course or purchase the Professional Package right away but have to wait because of a short term financial shortage.   No longer ! Effective immediately we have signed up with PayPal’s ” Bill Me Later   service so you do not wait but start right away !

It is easy and quick to get approved.   On our check out system check the ” Bill Me Later “ option and you will be given a few PayPal “Bill Me Later”  screens and instructions to complete to receive your money and pay for your Pro Sports Group service.  In fact you can purchase anything almost anywhere that takes PayPal with your new found source,  subject of course to common sense and credit limits.

In a few short minutes you can be starting your course and moving forward with your dreams.  This is an outstanding route for those with a temporary money shortfall or do not want to wait  until their next paycheck comes in.

Get started now in three steps.  1. Pick your service 2. Add to Your Cart, 3. Check Out !  Money does not come any easier that this !

Enjoy the Experience !  Make your life work “Your Passion” !