In 2007 Boras convinced his client Alex Rodriguez to hit the free agency market because the Yankees were not seeing his $500 million dollar value. It’s safe to say that Arod agreed that this tactic to scare the Yanks into more money would never go as far as it did.

Boras broadcast-ed Arod’s opt-out during Game 4 of the World Series, which pissed off players and fans for good reason. Boras got the media’s attention on Arod but acting as if his client was bigger than baseball went to far.

Boras’s tactic did not get owners running to the bank in desperation to acquire Arod and what fueled his timing is beyond most. The Yankees didn’t budge as planned and Boras let his client take the heat for his arrogance.

Johnny Damon watched, as an ashamed Arod acted as his own agent and negotiated the 10 year at $275 million with the Yankees. Instead of doing his job, Boras treated Arod the product and losing sight of Arod the person.

For Damon to believe

Boras’s propaganda that offers of 3-4 years and at $12-14 million per season would be pouring in on the free agent market is absurd. The economy, Damon’s age and his unproductive out-fielding are facts that Boras seems to ignore.

Damon is a smart baseball player so to let Boras ruin his exit is his own fault. It would be pretty hard for anyone to screw things up for Arod considering his talent, but Teixeira is a Boras boy too. Boras knows which clients he can test his scum-bag ways with because Mrs. Teixeira, as was Mrs. Rodriguez to smart to ever let that happen to their husbands.

He should have worked it out with the Yankees, Damon clearly said New York is where he wants to stay. Sadly for Damon, a World Series Champ on both Boston%29&t=h” title=”Boston”>Boston and New York, and who has had a great career has nowhere to play.

Fans can thank Scott Boras for at least exposing his client’s loss for the love of the game.

Good luck to Boras and Damon as it would be hard-pressed to find a team who wants that.

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