However, when Yang conducted his winner’s speech via an interpreter, TVs were turned off en masse in English-speaking countries, leaving us with the impression of the Korean as a man of mystery, who we’d never really get to know.

But thanks to Twitter, Yang is now revealing himself to be not just ‘the man who beat Tiger’. He is, it seems, rather charming with a good sense of humour.

Yang is certainly aware of his place in history and his Twitter Bio says simply: “First Asian Major Winner.”

He signed up to the social media phenomenon on September 9th and posted: “grab a bud and chilling at the hotel lobby. Wanna join? Lots of BMW execs in the bar. Fun week ahead”.

And with five tweets on day two – “last week, played with Kenny Perry 4 days in a row. KP is awesome!! He is just really cool!!” – Yang has quickly established himself as almost Poulter-esque with constant updates throughout the day.

So what more do we know about him?

Well, he’s a big sports fan, loves the internet and has been feeling fatigued by the busy play-off schedule.

Here’s some samples:

“need to sleep but internet is so fun. CSI is depriving me of sleep”

“Rest Rest Rest…thats the only thing on my mind. I am pasted”

“Sorry about the BMW, just feeling out of myself right now. Hope to do better in ATL” – a reference to the fact that he finished a massive 32 shots behind winner Woods at Cog Hill.

“going to throw the opening pitch at Rangers vs Angels game on Friday, Look me up people!!”

“pitching for the Rangers tomorrow. working on my straight ball. which is better, traditional or underhand/submarine?”

“threw a ball for the first pitch, quite longer than what I expected. Rangers lost 0-2 to Angels, but Rangers do one heck of a firework show”

“Rangers let me and Fam and pals stay at the Bill Terry Suite…it was sweet…free food and beer…Yum”

I agree with (fellow US Tour pro John) Rollins!! Go Cowboys!!

“missed out on the Man U v Man City match. I can see from other Tweets that it was an awesome match”

There is plenty of humour in there too – although sometimes it comes across as a little unintentional.

“My agent Ryan just hurt his back, he is in a foul mood and walking real awkwardly. He slipped on the 17th Green and pulled something.”

“they announced the Homeland Security level is Orange – is that a high level?”

“a guy just entered the Do Not Enter area and got nailed by security at ATL. the airport is exciting.”

“drinking beer with neighbours, manager getting hammered with Fine blended whiskey (johnny blue!)”

And, my own personal favourite:

“woke up and waiting for breakfast. someone just made a bogus YE Yang homepage in Korea. Quite clever but quite dumb at the same time”

It would be nice to think that Yang was having a joke on us by pretending he couldn’t speak English after his USPGA triumph but actually that isn’t the case.

As he reveals to one Twitter follower who doesn’t really believe Y_E_Yang is the real one, “yes its me. My agent gets to type in the stuff in English. Yes My English needs improving”.

But whether Yang is actually typing the messages in himself is pretty irrelevant.

The main point is that the man in all white now has some colour and is leaping off the page.

At the time of writing I’m one of just 245 following Yang (fellow 2009 major winner Stewart Cink has 909,355!) but if you’re a golf fan I’d strongly advise giving him a follow.

The Korean himself is following 41 and seeing who they are is always one of the things I like best about Twitter.

Yang’s are almost all golf-related (Cink, Geoff Ogilvy, Paul Casey, Boo Weekley, Cleveland Golf, Nike, Titleist etc).

But also in his select bunch are Catherine Zeta Jones and Buzz Aldrin!

Yang is playing in this week’s 30-man Tour Championship in Atlanta where he’ll be havnig a crack at winning the $10m prize fund.

And, if you’ve had a bet on him, you’ll be pleased to know that he’s getting some good rest.

“I am retiring to my room now. Watch some Korean TV shows and call my wife and kids. will check in tomorrow. Night night!

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