Although Steinberg probably was only “doing his job” in allegedly arranging a cover up of Tiger’s affair (if he did) in exchange for a Men’s Fitness cover shoot, Tiger Woods should begin to wonder whether his wife Elin will ever reconcile with him knowing that Steinberg may cover up sexual affairs in the future. Elin has no reason to trust Steinberg, at all.

But if that weren’t enough, the main reason Steinberg should resign now is very simple: Steinberg let Tiger Woods shoot the distasteful Nike ad using the voice of the dead Earl Woods’ voice to sell Nike products and to rehabilitate Tiger’s commercial marketability. That is downright disgusting. No wonder Elin reportedly is livid about the Nike commercial. No sports agent worth his salt would’ve permitted his client to run such a reprehensible ad. The Golf Blog wants to know, “What were YOU thinking, Mark Steinberg?”

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