Woodbury Nissan has made Michael Vick their spokesman in his first commercial endorsement since he was released from prison.

Executive manager Tom McMenamin explains there were reservations in the beginning. They wanted to get to know the new, reformed Michael Vick and they were impressed.

“We actually said if he’s not humble, if he doesn’t show remorse and if he thinks he didn’t do anything wrong, we weren’t going to go ahead with it,” McMenamin said.
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After sitting on the idea for more than a year, they shot the spot with Vick working in their showroom. The commercial began airing last month.

“The response from our customer base has been phenomenal, I’m going to say it’s been 90-10. 90 being good, 10 being a little off,” McMenamin said.

Perhaps part of that ten percent includes members of the Facebook group “Boycott Woodbury Nissan – Vick is No Role Model” who are hoping to oust Vick from his new gig.

Sports agent Al Irby says that is unlikely and he believes Vick’s star is on the rise again.

“Kobe Bryant, Ray Lewis down in Baltimore, they’ve had to go through a transition period,” Irby said.

For Vick, this is a transition that involves generating goodwill. Irby pointed to Vick’s public engagements, speaking out about his remorse and urging kids not to follow in his footsteps.

But, perhaps most important –

“Everybody likes to be associated with a winner, that’s what the bottom line is,” Irby said.

Speaking of winning, should the game go well on Sunday, they’re hoping to shoot another commercial next week.

McMenamin says they donate $50 for every car they sell to the Humane Society.

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