I mean, those people throw out that they are really into academics and all that … There may be four or five schools that’s true of.

“I don’t know of coaches getting fired winning 20-25 games a year and kids aren’t graduating. I don’t know people who are keeping their jobs that aren’t winning and are graduating. It’s about the same stuff.

“Here, [in the NBA], it’s just more honest. We all know what it’s all about. You don’t have to pay lip service to things. This is the best basketball in the world.”

Free agency fix

Dwyane Wade was back in his hometown of Chicago Thursday night as the Heat faced the Bulls. There has been no shortage of speculation that D-Wade could return to the Windy City as a free agent this summer, but he doesn’t see any connection between those rumors and the fact the Bulls cleared out plenty of cap space recently.

“I understand the business side of it, so I understand what they’re doing,” Wade said to the Miami Herald. “But it had nothing to do with me.”

Ken Berger of CBS Sports notes that Wade’s agent Henry Thomas (who also represents Chris Bosh) has joined forces with Leon Rose, who just happens to be the agent of LeBron James at Creative Artists Agency.

What this means is that the top three free agents are all under the same representation group which would allow them to share information during what will be quite an interesting summer.

The San Antonio Express-News notes that a rumor has been circulating that Manu Ginobili could draw a huge offer from Real Madrid in Spain this summer.

Ginobili’s agent Herb Rudoy has gone on record to say his client will be playing in the NBA next season.

Decision day

Friday is a fateful day for Gilbert Arenas. The Wizards guard will be sentenced in Superior Court on one felony count of violating the District of Columbia’s strict gun laws. Judge Robert E. Morin will decide whether Arenas does jail time or gets probation.

Prosecutors want Arenas to go to jail for at least three months while Arenas’ lawyers are looking for probation and community service.

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