Athletics Director Dick Baddour said the decision was made to withhold Ramsay until more information could be gathered and his status determined.

“I’ve been saying all along it’s an ongoing investigation, and we would go where the information would lead us,” Baddour said before UNC’s game against Clemson. “We’re looking at information that in some cases is three years old.

“And it just takes a long time to get through it all. We all deeply regret that it’s just come up.”

Ramsay played in North Carolina’s first four games and caught two passes for 15 yards and scored a touchdown.

Baddour could not say if UNC thinks it will have to forfeit its two victories while Ramsay played if he is determined to have been ineligible. “I think you all know we’ve been in frequent contact with the NCAA,” he said. “They’ve signed off on the process that we’re using.

“They have indicated to us several times that they have trust in our process. And we certainly have had more than a good-faith investigation going here.”

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