Travis Bell is an NBPA and CFLPA certified agent and member of our top tier “Agent Advisory Council ” .  This counsel was established by Pro Sports Group to create a link between established, successful, and experienced agents and new Pro Sports Graduates.  Often called mentors and selfless caring individuals Travis along with his contemporaries like JT Johnson, and Tony Dutt, give of their time to speak to individual agents needing direction and advice in a challenging field.

Travis is also a practicing attorney as well as agent and his articles, comments,  and originations should be taken seriously.   The article Travis wrote for the “Sports Agent Blog” is one of the hottest issues in the press now.  It would be wise for all current and future agents need to read and understand the situation and rules.   This is not an issue which is going away anytime soon.

To stay on top of your profession constant education and review of current issues is a must.   Travis can be contacted via his web site at