We often receive requests for individuals needing information on how to become coaches.  We have found a website run by professional coaches that can help,   WWW.APLAYADAY.COM.  Check them out and see if this is of value to you.  The owners have the experience and willingness to help at any level. Below is a brief overview in their words.

Our service is dedicated to delivering credible coaches teaching plays that provide teachable football content to other coaches that want to improve in their search to improve in the the profession.

APAD is the ULTIMATE FOOTBALL ENHANCEMENT TOOL because the platform puts the Coach, Player, and Parent in the drivers seat to learn the BEST PLAYS from the BEST COACHES.  The content and technology takes the learner in the meeting room with the coach as he goes through a play  on a white board explaining and diagraming that single Play from A to Z. Then the presentation comes alive with video of the play being executed in-game.

APAD has the networking capability of working with all levels of football Coaches from Pop Warner to NFL. The primary focus of our program is to help develop the football IQ and to expound upon already existing knowledge of the viewer. So if you are an Parent coaching youth league or a Graduate Assistant at University level, we will have you covered, from Special Teams, Offense, Defense, and COMING SOON, Sports Performance!

 Once a coach becomes a subscriber to WWW.APLAYADAY.COM   they are able to access all archived videos as well , thus allowing them to gain information that would take may take many long hours to gain through trail and error of becoming a great coach.  Visit us at WWW.APLAYADAY.COM and get a leg up on the competition through an exclusive cerebral assault from proven coaches teaching the game of football.


Clinton Spencer