Just as agents are advising their NFL clients to purchase insurance, why can’t agents sell more of the stuff? They can surely find high-end customers who need the best insurance premiums on the planet. Many sports agents live in New York City and Los Angeles. There are plenty of rich people to go around in either city to make ends meet for sports agents looking to make an extra buck.

Luxury Car Sales

Just like high-paid athletes or rich people who need insurance, those with a lot of money also need to drive luxury automobiles. Although there are probably few high-end car lots and they have expert car salespeople, sports agents are great at selling athletes to prospective teams. Likewise, they would be fantastic at selling luxury automobiles to those who want one.

Pick Up Other Clients

There are plenty of other sports in the United States with lots of business. Even in minor leagues there are still athletes who need to be paid. There will be no shortage of sports business for any agents, even if the NFL is one of the most lucrative. Auto racing, basketball, boxing, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf and even bull riding are all professional sports that need some kind of legal representation for athletes trying to make money.

Start an Online Business

Sports agents surely have hobbies. Whether they collect sports memorabilia, travel, play chess or simple love to read there are plenty of avocations that can easily turn into money-making enterprises. Agents can write that bestselling book about the personalities they come across as a sports agent. They can sell autographs or begin a website to have paid advertising on it to make more money on the side, whatever their passion for life. Whether they want to sell a collection or give legal advice online for athletes, there are tons of ideas for starting on online business right from home.

Take a Vacation

Sports agents could take a vacation, or even sell luxury vacations. They can see the world until the NFL fixes their glitch. They will keep an online blog of their journeys and even sell vacations to the exotic places they saw. Being an NFL agent in these times has got to be stressful so an agent can simply take some summer vacation time with his or her family.

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