A source close to Houston Nutt told me [Dienhart] he will interview for the Kansas job.
What? If this was not coaching Loki himself this would be yet another obviously dumb rumor soon proven incorrect, but with Houston Nutt all things are possible. He could show up to a game and switch teams at halftime, and both fanbases would devolve into warring factions about whether he should be executed or elected governor. Houston Nutt is the alpha and omega.

Still, jumping from a middling SEC program that gets Jevan Snead back to a Kansas program that’s been a wasteland for 95% of its existence seems beyond even Nutt’s brand of mayhem. Kansas just graduated Todd Reesing, the only thing separating them from the abyss, and figures to resume its longstanding tenure at the bottom of the Big 12 North. They might be spending their days there alongside four or five other teams that somehow manage to cram into the conference cellar — this is the Big 12 North we’re talking about — but there they will be.

Sure enough, Nutt has issued a standard nothing-to-see-here statement denying any interest in other jobs. Once denied another six to eight times, the thing will finally go away. So there’s nothing there.

What’s this all about, then? Look no further than the googly-eyed one’s agent, Jimmy Sexton. Sexton looks exactly like you’d expect a slightly reptile sports agent to look and acts like he’s been scripted by Jerry Bruckheimer. Sexton represents about half of the coaches south of the Mason-Dixon line and is almost certainly the “source close to Houston Nutt” cited above.

Sexton is almost singlehandedly responsible for creating the maelstrom of coaching insanity in the South. Any opportunity to pretend his clients are thinking about jumping ship is taken, whether it’s to wheedle out a contract extension or just buy a guy who turned a top five preseason ranking into obscurity a little more goodwill at his current home. Here’s an archetypal example:

In November 2006, he brought Butch Davis back to the college ranks at North Carolina. A year later, despite a 4-8 start, Davis received a contract extension and a raise from UNC, a response to rumors that he might leave Chapel Hill and take the vacant job at Arkansas, his alma mater. Even though Davis vehemently denied the chatter, he still received an extra year and $291,000 more per season.
Sexton is the coaching equivalent of sleazy, soul-patched pickup artists displaying “PUMA SKILLS”; there’s nothing to see here except posturing and possibly a Nutt contract extension.

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