Jun 28, 2011 – We know Terrell Owens tore his ACL sometime this offseason, but beyond that, the details are sketchy. Maybe it happened while he was shooting his reality series for VH1. If so, we’re talking about one of the top ten most hilarious football injuries in the past 25 years.

Or maybe it just happened during his infamous workout sessions in L.A.

Maybe it happened in early June, and he’s expected to be out at least six months. Maybe that means it’s the end of his football career altogether. Or maybe it happened back in April, and TO’s going to be ready to play by the start of the regular season. Wait, what?

Indeed, that’s the word coming Drew Rosenhaus’ camp. As Pro Football Talk notes, Rosenhaus said today, “Terrell Owens will be ready and playing at the start of the season.” Elsewhere, Rosenhaus explained that the injury we heard about last week actually happened this spring, and the rehabilitation process is well underway. Any talk of retirement is “nonsense.”

So what do really know? Drew Rosenhaus is insanely good at what he does. Is he lying through his teeth? Is he full-on delusional? Wouldn’t 90 percent of NFL teams and media want to strangle him for keeping them in the dark like this? The questions provide their own sort of answer. All you need to know about Drew Rosenhaus is that he’s really, really good at his job.

Somehow, over the course of 24 hours, a torn ACL has become a blip on the radar, and instead of talking about TO’s potential legacy this afternoon, everyone’s wondering how soon he can return. That, my friends, is the sign of a possibly-insane-possibly-evil-but-definitely-kickass agent.

As much as we all love Jerry Maguire–a movie that Rosenahus consulted for–I think we’re overdue for a Wall Street-type movie about seedy sports agents, and the moral gray area they inhabit professionally. You would need a Gordon Gekko-type character for it to really work. And who better than the agent who wrote a memoir called “A Shark Never Sleeps”?

Drew Rosenhaus is too good to make up. With that, let’s get into Talking Points…

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