But there’s always seemed to be more to Roth’s absence than a simple injury, though it was that. There was the initial lying about it at the start of training camp. Roth said he was sick. It turned out he was injured. And he said he’d been injured the last couple of years.

And while no one in charge of the Dolphins has said anything, there are two points to ponder as this regime builds the kind of roster with the kind of players it wants:

A. It’s not going to tolerate being lied to. You could see Tony Sparano was mad at Roth in training camp over the deceit. So they made that point for everyone to see.

B. Drew Rosenhaus is his agent. This adds another layer of mystery and history to the case. I like Rosenhaus and understand why players go to him. But, if you’ve noticed, the plug has been pulled on his sway over the Dolphins roster.

In 1998, he had 14 Dolphins. Through the Wannstedt years, that went to over 20 Dolphins.


There’s Roth, Yeremiah Bell and Will Allen. Maybe this is happenstance. But you have to factor in the recent history between Bill Parcells and Rosenhaus. At the end of his Dallas coaching term, Parcells had Terrell Owens foisted on him by owner Jerry Jones. Owens’ agent? Rosenhaus.

And you can bet in the controversy that T.O. brought to Dallas, Parcells and Rosenhaus had ample chance to talk — or at least to understand each other’s views. It was understood by Parcells watchers that Owens was the kind of destructive force inside a team that, well, he’s been everywhere. The fact Rosenhaus didn’t help change that couldn’t have been a plus in Parcells’ eyes.

Again, there’s no one connecting all the dots in the Roth case. But this regime making a point to Rosenhaus as well as Roth seems to give added bonus to this event.

Let’s remember this, though: Roth was a very good player for the Dolphins at a new position last year. And he’s in the prime of his career. They need to build with players like him. It will be interesting, as Roth is in the final year of his contract, to see what plays out from here.

2. I was wrong about Denver Josh McDaniels. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I thought trading a talent like Jay Cutler was the move of a young coach acting rash. But McDaniels is 6-0 today and, what’s more, has another first-round pick in next year’s draft form the Cutler trade.

3. There are seven NFL quarterbacks with a rating over 100 and seven with a rating over 90. Is the quarterback play that good today? Or the rating system that suspect?

4. Why don’t the Heat just put Michael Beasley at power forward and leave him there?

5. Premiere League update: Jozy Altidore was put in the final 20 minutes yesterday for Hull City in a 2-0 loss to Tottenham and manufactured one of the team’s few scoring chances … The ref who allowed the winning Sunderland goal to deflect off a beach ball against Liverpool was suspended a game.

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