Georgia Tech Athletics Director Dan Radakovich confirmed that the employee of the Atlanta, Georgia sports agency is former Georgia Tech quarterback Calvin Booker. The NCAA infractions report points Booker to being with Demaryius Thomas and Morgan Burnett when the impermissible benefits were passed out. The impermissible benefits were $312 worth of clothing.

Georgia Tech believes that the NCAA has information that proves Booker was affiliated with is RFL Sports. Booker was once an RFL Sports client when he had dreams of playing professional ball. I have not heard much about RFL Sports in the past other than it being a small start-up football agency operated by Richard Kopelman and Terry Bolar, which hired NFLPA certified contract advisor Sean Stellato in the past. Kopelman left RFL Sports and started KLASS Sports. My notes indicate that Stellato went with Kopelman.

Demaryius Thomas has stated that he was offered a lot of things while in college, but did not take anything. He also made sure to say that his current agent (Todd France) never offered him anything, which is one of the reasons why he chose to sign with France.

Kopelman told a reporter that he has no knowledge of Calvin Booker “providing anything to anybody,” and that he was not involved in anything nor does he even know that anything even occurred. He also has stated that Booker never worked for him or RFL Sports in any capacity.

I see no reason not to believe Kopelman. Yet, Josina Anderson (who has done an absolutely tremendous job getting in touch with the parties surrounding this event), Tweeted the following five days ago:
#bbpBox_91588800362446848 a { text-decoration:none; color:#038543; }#bbpBox_91588800362446848 a:hover { text-decoration:underline; }When questioned by the NCAA, Thomas says it seemed investigators tried to confirm, “if Calvin Booker was a runner for Richard Kopelman.”July 14, 2011 3:24 pm via TweetDeckReplyRetweetFavorite@JosinaAndersonJosina Anderson

I assume that eventually Calvin Booker will have to speak up about who he was working for. Until then, the agent industry remains shady and clouded as usual.

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