2 Gene VanAmburgh, Albany: First of all, do not confuse this as a concession. The Boston Red Sox are hotter than downtown Albany in the middle of July. Last year they endured many injuries which led to them missing the playoffs. Their healthy at the moment and playing as well as any team in the major leagues. However, its still early and all Yankees fans will have to wait to see what trades are on the horizon. Playing with a patched-up lineup , so far the Yanks have held up pretty well. One thing, let’s hope Fred Wilpon signs Jose Reyes. If the Sox get him, its over. If not, Yogi says its not over till, well you know the rest.

3Rodger Wyland’s quick take: The hype as to where Jimmer Fredette ends up going in the NBA draft will finally end on Thursday night. I did not do a mock draft, but it’s hard to believe Utah would pass up Jimmer with their 12th pick in the first round, unless of course, he goes earlier than that. Regardless, the Glens Falls native is a big story this week, and not just locally. NewsChannel 13’s Rodger Wyland can be heard weekdays from 9 a.m. to noon on WOFX 980 AM.

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