At the time, I was pissed. I had pumped money into Rulon’s travel and the start of his training, only for him to leave my company for someone else. It also gave me a bad impression of Caric, although, now I realize that he probably had no ill will. I think it is important to realize that just because a player leaves an agent, that does not mean that it was a case of client stealing. In fact, Caric had no obligation to be cordial after the switch, yet he went out of his way to even pay back a portion of the money we laid out for Rulon prior to his switch.

Thus, I have great pleasure in seeing Caric’s rise up the ranks as a football agent. He and his company were recently favorably featured in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The article talks about his current NFL clients and his five NFL Draft eligible clients, including University of Washington’s Mason Foster, who is likely to be a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Not bad for a guy who started his own company only 3 years ago. And about working out of Las Vegas…

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