He would know. Lewis has been an agent for NFL players for nearly three decades. He has negotiated the high end deals, been surrounded by big time athletes, and made the big time money that comes with being a top agent. You’ll recall the giant U.S. Fidelis mansion that sold for $4.7 million in December. Lewis is the guy who bought it.

Another thing hes buying these days is Albert Pujols assertion that he wants to be a Cardinal for life. Yes, even now.

“Pujols is the best player in baseball, and clearly wants to be paid in a way that shows it. But despite what you’ve heard on talk shows and newscasts, that doesnt necessarily mean he has to have the richest deal ever. ”

“There will be teams out there, the New Yorks, the LAs , the Chicagos, that will offer a little bit more money,” Lewis predicts. “But is it his lifestyle? Is money everything? And I think when Albert weighs it all at the very end I say he stays right here in St. Louis.”

In fact, he says, he’d bet on it.

But what about all this talk of Albert demanding baseballs richest deal. All part of the game according to Lewis.

“This is kind of embarrassing being an agent, I think its more important to the agent getting the best deal in baseball than it is to the player. I think Albert is not all about getting every nickel and dime on the table.”

For an agent, getting the richest deal means being able to sell other clients on the firm. Its more money for the agent.

One other issue Lewis touched on is all the talk about just what kind of figures are being exchanged. Reports have been published listing a Cardinals offer of over $200 million and a Pujols demand of $300 million. Pujols says he and his agent have laughed at the reports, saying the media is, way off.

But Lewis says that doesn’t mean the parties in the negotiation wont drop some hints to reporters.

“Everybody doesn’t want to show their cards when you’re playing poker out here, but you kind of want to leak it out that, Ive got a pretty good hand.”

If Pujols gets a $300 million deal, his agent will likely collect about $12 million.

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