According to the lawsuit, Crown AMG misrepresented its status as an authorized sports agent so that it could collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions.California law requires sports agents to make certain mandatory disclosures to the Secretary of State prior to acting as an agent. The lawsuit claims that Crown AMG failed to make those mandatory disclosures with respect to Pro Circuit (and likely many other action sports athletes), which renders its sponsorship contract void and unenforceable.The law further requires Crown AMG to refund all of the commissions it received, due to its failure to comply with the disclosure requirements.

The lawsuit seeks to eliminate Crown AMG’s claims that it is owed additional commissions from Pro Circuit on old sponsorship deals, and to recover a refund for the improper commissions Crown AMG already received.

“It is unfortunate that some sports agents think they can get rich by preying on these action sports athletes in violation of the law,” said Daniel J. Callahan of Callahan & Blaine, counsel for Pro Circuit.“The sports agent law is in place to protect the athletes in those situations.I anticipate that other action sports athletes who unknowingly paid commissions to Crown AMG and Scott Sepkovic that they were not entitled to receive will likely be seeking their refunds as well.”

The San Diego Superior Court Case No. is: 37-2010-00058757-CU-MC-NC.

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