The objective is to buy and sell players and make enough money to buy your dream mansion and retire. You have 200 weeks to accomplish that goal.

The gameplay is simple. You buy players while their value is rising – it’s displayed in small box on each player with an up or down facing arrow – and sell them as it peaks. So starting off with a small amount of cash, you have to buy and sell as multiple players pop onto the market, their values changing every second.

Obviously, you need to click on players as soon as they appear and are cheap, but with your goal requiring you to own several players simultaneously, everything gets frantic fairly fast.

Success and high scores can be highlighted thanks to Facebook Connect integration.

The graphics are simple and nothing special, but it is not essential for the game. There is some annoying background music, but I guess after a while it is not too bothersome.

Buy low and sell ‘em high!

Sports Agent Is available now at the App Store for $0.99. It is a fun game after a while, and is worth the $0.99 you will spend for it.

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