The NFL agent will talk about the allegations that he made in his now famous first-person account in Sports Illustrated. Luchs talked about making cash payments to 30 college football players in hopes of signing them as clients when they became eligible for the pro draft.

Luchs sits down with Bernie Goldberg and talks about his past. Here are some of the excerpts from the show:

BERNIE GOLDBERG: “You were paying players under the table, against every rule in the book. And as a result, you were getting clients when they went to the pros.”

JOSH LUCHS: “Absolutely. I did it. Did it time and time again, over an extended period of time, and I never got caught doing it. Not once.”

Talking about why he paid college players:

JOSH LUCHS: “I wanted so badly to make something of myself .“

BERNIE GOLDBERG: “That you were willing to..

JOSH LUCHS: “I was willing to do almost anything.”

BERNIE GOLDBERG: “Did you feel bad about it at any point?”

JOSH LUCHS: “Well, when they’d stiff me, I felt horrible.”

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