They are doctor Eufemiano Fuentes, the trainer Manuel Pascua, sports agent César Pérez, 400m hurdler José Alonso Valera, mountain biker Alberto León and the athlete Alberto García. César Pérez declared on his release that he was ‘without bail and without charges’.

The remaining eight arrested will declare in forthcoming days.
Marta Domínguez, the runner alleged to be at the centre of the affair did not declare on Sunday. She has been accused of supplying doping materials to other athletes, and offshore bank accounts in her name are now understood to be under investigation.

The Guardia Civil are reported to have photos and phone recordings which implicate the athlete. The Spanish Athletics Federation has provisionally removed her as Vice-President of the organisation.

El País reports indicate that the Guardia Civil interrupted the athlete, Alemayehu Bezabeh, in the middle of a doping blood transfusion in their raids on Thursday last week. The athlete of Ethiopian origin, who slept in Madrid parks for several months on his arrival in Spain, was granted a Spanish passport in 2008, and was European Cross Champion in 2009. His agent took him to train with Manuel Pascua at the athlete’s request, and he is reported to have asked on Sunday why he was not being allowed to run.

The doctor, Eufemiano Fuentes, is reported to have said in his cell, ‘If I speak we would not have either the World Cup or the Eurocup’.

Top runner Fermín Cacho has called for changes and demanded responsibilities in the Federation. ‘They have to reflect what has gone wrong and what has not worked’, he said.

The Spanish Government has meanwhile said its job is to defend the athletes who do not dope.

A visibly affected Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, said on Friday that there are thousands of sportsmen and woman, as well as trainers involved in Spanish athletics, and that they sacrifice a great deal. He described the news of the police operation at the end of the week was ‘awful’ and that it had affected him deeply, revealing that athletics is a sport he loves specially. He said it was the Government’s job to defend those athletes who do not dope, and that it would be terrible for those people to be stained because some, although important, have created to take part.

For the Partido Popular, General Secretary María Dolores de Cospedal, said that the implication of several Spanish sportsmen and women in the Galgo case brought ‘tremendous disgust’, as the sportsmen and women remain heroes for the young and for all those who like sport. She said sport had to transmit values such as fair play.

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