“It’s baffling and it’s a serious threat to how clubs get run and how they conduct themselves.”

Ferguson, an active member of the League Managers Association, becomes United’s longest-serving manager on Sunday, breaking Sir Matt Busby’s record, but, after the dismissals of Allardyce and Chris Hughton, he fears that the job is being undermined by the way football clubs are being run.

“It’s becoming trendy to sack a manager in difficult circumstances and I just wonder whether Blackburn thought, ‘You know, if Newcastle can do it, we can do it’.

“I don’t know the answers to it, but what I can say is that a manager’s job, whatever he’s getting paid, it’s not worth it. If Sam had won on Sunday, they’d have gone fifth in the league.

“But he still would have got sacked because they would have said they should be fourth.”

The Premier League is monitoring the situation at Blackburn, concerned Kentaro or SEM might be exerting “undue influence” on the way the club is run, a situation that would break its third-party ownership rules.

The fallout from Carlos Tévez’s transfer request has been a reminder of how much influence football fixer Kia Joorabchian has exerted at Manchester City while Ferguson blamed Wayne Rooney’s agent Paul Stretford for Rooney’s demand to leave earlier this term.

There are many who share Ferguson’s concern about the increasing influence third parties have at football clubs, especially as Fifa is to abolish its licensing system at the end of the season.

National federations will become responsible for licensing agents with one senior football executive describing it as a “recipe for anarchy”.

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