A: When I was in school at the University of Tennessee, I had a suite-mate whose name was Reggie White, who went on to become a great defensive lineman in the NFL. He was my first client. Basically, back in the ’80s when I got into the business, there weren’t nearly as many people in the business as there are now. He asked me to help him with this process. That’s how I got interested in it — he was my first client, and the rest I guess you could say is history.

Q: You now represent both players and coaches. Was that a conscious decision or was that something that just happened?

A: It just sort of evolved. I think in the ’80s and ’90s we had a practice in football, basketball and baseball. In the mid-90s, Tommy Tuberville, who was coach at Ole Miss at the time, and simultaneous with Tommy, Coach Bill Parcells in the NFL, they both asked us to look at certain things in their contracts. We got into the business that way on both the college and pro level. We started a separate division for coaches. It’s sort of grown exponentially over the last 15 years. It wasn’t something we consciously chose to do, it just sort of happened.

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