Several reports are now out that the NFLPA is looking into how Jay-Z  may have influenced or assisted in the signing of Geno Smith by NFLPA Agent Kim Miale.  The issue is the NFLPA has established rules regarding “runners” after the last CBA and Jay-Z may have tread heavily on them.  He can not be censored, but Kim Miale the  NFLPA agent will have some explaining to do.  This is one all agents should follow with intense interest.  There were earlier reports that the NFLPA made statements to the effect Jay-Z did not break the runner rule.  Of course not it did not apply to him, he is not under any obligation to follow the NFLPA rules however Kim Miale an unknown agent until recently is.   Keep on top of this one and it has major issues written all over it !



NFLPA launches Jay-Z inquiry