A spokesman for the seven-time Cy Young Award winner said Clemens – the target of a federal perjury investigation after his appearance at a February 2008 congressional hearing on the Mitchell Report – is using the social networking site to talk to fans “right from the heart.”

“He is as direct and honest in his communications on Twitter as he is face to face,” said the spokesman, who requested anonymity.

Clemens offered congratulations in a Sept.13 tweet to former teammate Derek Jeter for breaking Lou Gehrig’s team hits record. “Congrats to DJ,” Clemens wrote. “Another Yankee record in the books.”

On Aug.17, the spelling-challenged pitcher told fans about his trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame: “Went to Coopetstown. Again congrats to Jim Ed, and Rickey. Signed 1,500 autos in 4 days for some cool fans.”

Clemens also apparently still likes hanging around backstage with rock stars: “Thx to all the guys in NICKELBACK,” Clemens tweeted on Sept.13. “Final leg of tour ended in Houston. Had good time hanging with those guys. They put on a great show.”

Clemens saves his best tweets for his enemies – Brian McNamee, the former trainer who accused Clemens of steroid use in the Mitchell Report, and McNamee’s attorney Richard Emery.

“Some people are just ASS CLOWNS! It would be nice to one day have a chance to have our say in a fair setting,” wrote Clemens this week, shortly after his lawyer Rusty Hardin gave notice that he will file an appeal to revive his defamation lawsuit against McNamee. U.S. District Court Judge Keith Ellison dismissed the lawsuit.

“Our guys have a truck load of info I never knew about Dr. M, or should I say Agent M, oh no wait … it’s Navy Seal M, oh no wait …,” Clemens wrote derisively this week. He is referring, of course, to the doctorate McNamee received from an online university. Clemens, according to McNamee, told people that the trainer had been a Navy SEAL. McNamee was a registered sports agent in New York State.

“BTW … the E guy rep-ing Dr. M, or VITAMIN M, or whomever he claims to be, is an UGLY HUMAN!,” Clemens wrote, referring to Emery. “Oh wait … sorry he’s not a doctor … hmmm.”

“Ambulance chaser … or Wallet chasers call em as you see em,” Clemens added.

You can be pretty sure that McNamee is not one of Clemens’ 349 Twitter followers, although he might want to sign up soon.

“This R guy makes me look smart,” McNamee joked Friday, “which is hard to do.”

Clemens used an Internet site in June to leapfrog over the mainstream media and communicate directly with fans. Clemens answered questions posed by fans of the Houstonist, an east Texas news and lifestyle Web site, after he was widely criticized for repeating his steroid denials on ESPN Radio in response to the release of “American Icon,” a book written by the Daily News sports investigative team.

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