Tidwell has expressed dissatisfaction with the Cardinals throughout the year for not showing an initiative to work on a new deal for him. However, following his impressive performance on Monday Night Football against the Cowboys which capped an already stellar year, management was convinced they should extend Tidwell an improved deal. Sources can confirm the terms of the new offer are four years for $11.2 million.

The mercurial receiver is said to be ecstatic over the offer and eager to sign it. A few details regarding the signing bonus and workout bonus terms still need to be hashed out, but there is little doubt it will be signed. At that point, not only will Tidwell’s stats put him in the class of marquee receivers such as Jerry Rice, Andre Reed, and Cris Carter, but he’ll also be earning similar money.

The contract is not just good news for Tidwell, but also for his agent, Jerry Maguire. Maguire was recently let go by sports agent giant SMI and started his own agency. Tidwell is his only client, so the new contract will help keep him in business.

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