Guys, Lets keep this simple.  The NFL, NBA, MLB are business ventures that make an enormous amount of money.  The players associations also makes a lot of money however they do this by protecting and representing the players as a first priority.  They established standards for regulating  the agents by creating rules, guidelines, and minimum requirements the agents have to meet.  This has and continues to help the athletes in their negotiations with the owners, teams and leagues.  All this ensures a high quality of representation for the athlete.

There are few items in the rules that are hard coded that could not be tweaked further or bent in one direction or the other if a unique situation  arose and there was enough interest and money to be made.  Roc Nation is a legitimate, extremely successful Marketing Agency, and the revenue for athletes from marketing their image, celebrity status, and success is a huge revenue source.  Roc Nation now has an NFLPA certified agent on staff.   Did they step over the line of some rule or another perhaps but the players association is for the players first and it is appearing more and more likely that Roc Nation and Jay-Z will be signing more athletes in the coming months.  This helps Jay-Z but also helps the athletes that are interested in switching agents because they do not feel they are meeting all their business needs.   It continues the competitive pressure on the agents to perform at a higher level.

There are a lot of agents that may call fowl, however even they see the writing on the wall and my bet is that they will end up going along with the trend.   We have graduates form our course who are agents ( JT Johnson, Atlas Sports Agency ) that had or created marketing companies prior to getting their certified Sports Agent licenses.  That skill and experience is very good for the athletes.

Roc Nation is a business enterprise that will have deliver on the expectations of the athletes like all Agents and Agencies do.   They will have influx of new athletes due to their positioning and name recognition.  The Real Winner on this is the athletes and those agents that deliver on their promises !

Sounds like the Free Enterprise System is working in America Today.