In 2005 Reggie Bush received the 71st Heisman Trophy, during his junior season at USC. He decided to fore go his senior year and enter the 2006 NFL draft. The New Orleans Saints grabbed him with their second overall pick. Reggie Bush has been a professional athlete for four years now, and last year his team won the Lombardi trophy for the first time in franchise history.

In 2007, sports agent Lloyd Lake sued Reggie and his family for not repaying $290,000 in gifts. He also agreed to cooperate with the NCAA during their investigation. Earlier this year USC received four year probation and forced to vacate its last two wins of the 2004 season (including the 2005 Orange Bowl) as well as all of its wins in the 2005 season. The Trojans were also banned from bowl games in 2010 and 2011 and will lose 30 scholarships over three years. The NCAA ruled that Reggie Bush lost his eligibility in December of 2004, which prompted the Heisman Trophy Trust to launch a separate investigation.

Honestly who cares other than maybe Reggie Bush? No one in the 75 year history of the award has been stripped of it. What does shaming Reggie Bush accomplish? They’ve made their intentions pretty obvious since they are waiting for the NFL season to start to announce it. Are they going to just vacate that year or give it to the runner up Vince Young? In my opinion he should have won it anyway, he proved that point in the National Championship. I seriously doubt Vince Young would want to receive the award like this. If the award is given to the best football player that year and acknowledging someone else five years later is pointless.

Is this supposed to be sending a message to the current and future student athletes? Student athlete or professional sports agent who should be more responsible? Most of these guys are lawyers and they know the rules better than these athletes. Go after these agents who lure talented athletes in with gifts and money. Instead the NCAA teams up with Lloyd Lake, the agent that influenced the violation. The guy did’t get the job to represent Bush so he goes for revenge and the NCAA jumps on board. The very fact that they refer to the financial contributions as gifts should be case closed. Maybe the NCAA should donate all the money profited from Reggie Bush’s USC Jersey to charity. If he wasn’t eligible any profit associated with USC and Reggie Bush should be ineligible right?

I don’t care whether he loses the Heisman or not. I just think it’s disgusting that these hypocrites play the enforcer when it’s damaging to their reputation, while conveniently disregarding the real issues to keep their pockets fat. How about coming up with a better post season systems to decide the National Champion? Make a ruling on something relevant to this season. Address the bad officiating throughout the season, especially in critical situations.

If I was Reggie Bush I would call a press conference and give them their trophy back before they put me on public display. Then I would thank them for the millions of dollars in endorsements the ineligible award profited me. Four years ago this was a story now it’s just a political move by the NCAA and the Heisman Trophy Trust to appease their corporate sponsors. I know for Reggie it may be a little disheartening, but I bet he won’t be trading any salary to keep. At the end of the day who gives a damn.

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